An Introduction

JANUARY 28, 2021

Hello! My name is Elizabeth Debes, and I am a junior triple major at the University of Mary Washington! I am studying history, theatre, and education. I am particularly interested in the History of the Information Age and the influence of communication on cultural, social, and political life. One way that I have explored this topic in the past is through media and propagandizing effect during the Cold War, and I think it is fascinating to view, from an outsider’s perspective, effective communication tools used to manipulate public opinion across history.

One assignment that I liked from 2011, requiring students to research and discuss the significance of information technology in the life of a specific individual before 1950. This project can be anywhere in history and allows for a lot of freedom regarding the subject. The piece of advice that I plan on using was repeated more than once, and it was to take advantage of the free tools that I have access to in university.

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