Intellectual x2

In the first two pages of James Cortada’s commentary on intellectual history as an intellectual discipline, he clearly states that “the article focuses on the fundamental question about the role of information history from the perspective of a historian (Cortada, 120). In that case, his argument relates back to an essential question that we are asking in this course. From personally designing the syllabus to choosing our assignments, this class concentrates on discussing the very definition of the information age and what parameters define it. Different perspectives of diverse scholars, such as “economists, sociologists, and business managers,” allow for the information age to be viewed in a multi-faceted way that maps the impact of communication on history (122). With a class of nine (plus the professor), we have the means to challenge each other and become more knowledgeable about topics that we never even knew existed. The information age is loosely defined and a recent topic of study, and I think it’s awesome that we are discovering what it even means to be a subject.

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