Live Tweeting the Cuban Missile Crisis

Social media is something that is a relatively new concept and method of communication. When we first started talking about this project and the idea of “live tweeting” something, I first had to consider what live tweeting was and what it looked like in daily life. Especially in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic and politicians response to the public via the media, this project made me look at how media is used to convey a point and promote a message.

What inspired me to pick the subject of the Cuban Missile Crisis is the previous U.S. president’s use of twitter and how something like the standoff between the U.S. and a foreign government like Russia (or North Korea) would play out on social media. Taking the Cuban Missile Crisis, which was already one of the most publicly broadcasted issues in the 1960s, and trying to figure out what the maint contributors’ social media presence would look like was a challenge that I wanted to face. In the process, I could use tweets from political figures in the U.S. and foreign countries to look at the use of social media and what type of message or propaganda would be used. I had some fun with it, of course, but it was also fun to try to fashion the social media presence of historical figures such as Fidel Castro, Nikita Kruschev, and John F. Kennedy.

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