Favoritism and Timelines

FEBRUARY 2, 2021

Assignment 1: Propaganda Campaign for a dictator/political figure. I think that it could be fascinating what types of media we could use within the parameters of this assignment and how the technology used influences how the message is communicated. I’ve been pushing for this one since day one, and I’ll keep pushing for it because it seems like a fun project that could be used as a bit of a creative outlet.

Assignment 2: As for the second assignment, (boo, I personally like research papers) I would be interested in researching an inventor/philosopher/mathematician and look into how their technology impacted humans and society. As historian James Gleick touches on in his book The Information, I think a biographical standpoint of the Information Age personalizes the impact that someone has on society and how humans have been creative and innovative since the beginning.

What Would Be Cool: What would be cool? I’m really interested in getting up on that wall in the HCC. Somebody said it, now I am determined to do it. We are a small, collaborative, in-person class that I feel can accomplish something really cool in the next semester to display on that piece of campus property. On a higher level, communicating what we learned in the class the Information Age in a form of public media would be extremely cool.

This timeline represents a short timeline of The Slow Fall of Imperial Russia (1852-1917)

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