Environmental Propaganda Campaign

My experience with the propaganda campaign was fully realizing how embedded in the news that we receive propaganda is with targeted campaigns and images being held up in the media to support a public figure. Although it was only for King Kandy, a fictional character from Candyland, the research that I did looking up examples of the use of the environment in political campaigns really opened my eye to the media exploitation of wording in articles and around a political subject.

Looking at figures like Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Peron, and other dictators throughout the twentieth century, environmental issues actually played a role in how they appealed to the public. Utilizing these sources, it was easy to look at the language that these people use and how they manipulate their phrases to put themselves in a better life. That concept of twisting a piece of legislature like the fictional “Klean Kare Act” is something that I didn’t know a lot about about until I started this project. Overall, I picked this project as my top previous class project, and I was not wrong in doing so. This project made me think about how politics influence everyday media and bias to portray a figure in a certain light, even if that person is King Kandy.

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